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WOCK Professional Footwear

WOCK Professional Footwearis specially designed to accommodate professionals who  spend long hours standing and as a result may be prone to lower body fatigue.

All WOCK shoes combine high quality technical specification and comfort with a stylish design. The two main designs are WOCK Clog and WOCK Everlite.


Unisex footwear designed for work and leisure activities which contain the following features:

  • Impact absorption
  • Leg muscular relaxation
  • Temperature and moisture control
  • Anatomic insole and reduction of static energy
  • Fully washable up to 90 ºC
  • Autoclaved up to 134 ºC

They are available in a wide range of colours and are available with or without a heel strap.

WOCK Clogs

WOCK Clogs with Heel Straps

WOCK Everlite

Ultra- light shoes made from XFS which reduces the weight of the shoe by approximately 70% less than similar footwear.

WOCK® Everlite occupational shoes are entirely made of polymeric materials and have the following components:

•Antistatic insert
•Ventilation holes

 Technical Features

 • Breathable: Lower and lateral holes increase
ventilation and regulate temperature and moisture inside the clogs
Anti-slip: Special design reduces the risk of slipping on wet or uneven surfaces

Washable: Machine washable up to 50ºC

Antistatic insert: Help to dissipate electrical energy build-up during use and, hence, overcome the risk of static discharge

Shock absorption: WOCK® everlite shoes are designed to absorb the impact on the body resulting from long periods of standing. This helps to reduce muscle injuries by relieving stress on feet, knees, hips and lower back

Lightweight: Incredibly light – actually floats on water

Removable insole: The Removable anatomical insole is flexible, breathable and machine washable to 50º C

Upper protection: the design of the upper-part of WOCK® everlite protects the foot against liquid spillages

All WOCK footwear is approved in accordance with CE directives.

If you do not see what you are looking for please do not hesitate in contacting us.

WOCK Everlites


Ultrasound Gel – is made with “Air Free” methodology. All gels are salt free, non greasy, hypoallergenic and non irritant and are available in bottles from 250ml to large refill 5000ml containers.

ECG/EEG Gel – a conductive gel to ensure accurate ECG/EEG recordings. These gels are water soluble, non greasy, non irritant, non corrosive and are available in bottles from 250ml to 5000ml.

Medical Gels

Scrub Skin Gel, ECG Cream, TENS Gel and a range of physiotherapy creams are also available. Contact us today with your enquiries on 01- 4245103 or info@emeraldhealthcare.ie


We can supply all types of sharp containers from 0.2 litre single use containers, designed for the transport and upgrading of hazardous hospital waste to 60 litre reusable containers, with a 3 year life span, and everything in between.Sharp Bins and Containers

All containers are made with high strength materials and contain the following features:

  • Impossible to penetrate and resistant to puncture, both internal and external
  • Opaque, waterproof and resistant to dampness
  • Grooves in the lid to facilitate removal of the needles
  • Stackable
  • Destruction by burning doesn´t generate any toxic emissions

Closure systems:

  • Temporary closure: It is possible to open and close it during its period of use.
  • Permanent closure: It is possible to lock the container definitely at the end of its period of use by putting pressure on the double lid and, thus avoiding accidental leakages.


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