For high-quality prints and long archival life.

If you’re not using Sony brand print media for your ultrasound images, you’re at risk of damaging the thermal heads on your Sony printers, delivering inferior images, and potentially voiding your warranty. Sony print media is specifically designed to work with Sony printers, so when used together you get the best of both.

When you’re consistently trying to obtain optimal print quality, it’s tempting to focus only on your printer. But the printer is just one part of the process from image capture to image transfer. The choice of print media is equally crucial. If you want to be able to achieve a storage life of up to 30 years,* which is critical for medical archiving, you can count on Sony print media to provide it.


Sony’s Medical Print Media

 – Printed images last years longer without fading
– Higher gloss, smudge-free finish
– Head-matching performance provides even,
continuous printing
– Higher humidity, water, and heat resistance

Non-Sony Medical Print Media

– Shorter lifespan
– Less glossy finish than Sony’s HG (High Gloss) media
– Forms deposit on thermal head which affects
printing density**
– Causes thermal head breakdown***

For more information and specifications on the full range of Medical Print Media please download our brochure

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* Actual storage life could be less, depending on storage environment.
** After nine rolls of non-Sony branded standard medical print media.
*** After 10 rolls of non-Sony branded standard medical print media.

Mitsubishi Print Media is available in both original and generic format.


OEM Code Description
Mitsubishi K61B B/W thermal film roll
Mitsubishi K65HM B/W thermal film roll 110mm high density
Mitsubishi K91HG B/W thermal film roll 110mm high glossy
Mitsubishi CK30S 240 sheets SMALL + colour ribbon
Mitsubishi CK30L 200 sheets LARGE + colour ribbon
Mitsubishi PK700S Colour ink ribbon
Mitsubishi PK700L Colour ink ribbon
Mitsubishi CK800S 160 sheets SMALL + colour ribbon
Mitsubishi CK800L 100 sheets LARGE + colour ribbon