SPECI-GARD® Specimen Transport Bags

• The only bag featuring the patented liquid tight, Press and Close® adhesive closure system. It’s the original patented adhesive closure with NO “glove-to-adhesive” contact.
• Separate outside pocket for the requisition slip
• Once closed, the bag stays closed, even in pneumatic tube systems.
• Remains closed if air is trapped inside, or if “grabbed”, and won’t “pop open”.
• Available in both single pocket and dual pocket styles.
• Speci-Gard® is disposable, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination caused by reusing bags.
• Manufactured with Micro-Tex™ polyethylene, for slip-free handling.


SPECI-ZIP® Reclosable Biohazard Bags

• Simple zipper and seal closure system
• Easy to open tear line
• Seperate information/ document pocket with flap
• Temperature storage indicators on specific SKU’s with each size


Specimen Bags Supplier

  • Resealable bags with reverse integral pocket for medical data and separate resealable pouch for specimens. Available with or without pre-printed Bio Hazard warning.
  • Uses: Pharmaceuticals / Medical Data etc.
  • Standard Sizes: From 125mm x 140mm to 150mm x 140mm
  • Colours: Available with or without the Biohazard print
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Printing Available: Yes


All bags are available in a variety of colours and sizes, with or without a biohazard warning and personalised with your name and logo.

For a quotation or information on minimum order quantities please contact our sales team on 01 – 424 5103 or alternatively get in contact via the button below !