Cytotoxic Drug Spill Kit

​​Lightweight and portable for intensive and frequent use on multiple and/or large scale spillages. High Absorbency GV Health Cyto Granules absorb and contain liquid spills. Absorbent pads and sterile water mop up powder spills. Our custom Cytali solution, designed to neutralise cytotoxic residue of spill site and surrounding area. Warning signs and colour coded, sealable bags for safe disposal. ​Safe for use by non-specialist staff. Refill packs available separately (MJZ015). 

Anti-cancer medicines: Cytotoxic medications is taken to mean toxic compounds known to have carcinogenic, mutagenic and/or teratogenic potential. Our Cytotoxic / Chemotherapy drug spill & disposal products ensure safe clean up & removal.

Blood / Biohazard Pack (x1)

PPE packs x2 each containing;

  • x3 pairs of disposable gloves *
  • x3 thumb loop gown
  • x3 FFP3 mask
  • x3 eye visor
  • x3 pairs of over sleeves
  • x3 pairs overshoes
  • x1 kneeling pad]
  • Liquid Clean up;
  • x3 Cyto Granule 50g sachet
  • x3 scoop scraper
  • x1 tweezers

Powder Clean up;

  • x3 sterile water pods
  • x3 absorbent pads


  • x3 Cytali Powder 10g sachet
  • x1 250ml diluter
  • Paper towels

Waste disposal;

  • x1 instruction sheet
  • x3 Cytotoxic waste bag
  • x3 bag tie
  • x1 warning sign
  • x1 record card

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