Face Masks

Disposable Masks
Perfecto Plus masks have passed all laboratory tests and are CE marked and comply with all the most stringent rules relating to medical devices, being a class I and Type IIR medical device according to UNI EN 14683: 2019
The BFE filtration degree of these devices is over 98% and offers protection against splashes, and all the materials used in making them are of high quality and resistance.
In addition, our masks have a differential pressure feature, which facilitates the wearer’s breathing below the maximum level required by law.
Quality First
These masks have as their first objective, the quality of the product and the effectiveness of protection. During these months companies of all kinds have tried to sell masks, very often without any guarantee of protection for people’s health. We put people’s health first, choosing an impeccable product from a technical and comfort point of view.

Reusable Face Masks
​Filtering Masks (set 5 pieces) to protect nose / mouth in double bacteriostatic tissue;

  • One size for adults, One size for children
  • REUSABLE – Washable and sterilizable in boiling water – with pocket between the two layers to be able to insert additional layers of fabric or other materials to increase protective effect
  • High absorbency power – with raised point to increase the thickness and absorbency capacity, creating air chamber for a better ventilation
  • Suitable for daily use of civilian population, respecting the anti-contagion safety distance.
  • NOT SURGICAL, NOT PPE, NOT subject to CE directive, NOT suitable for hospital use and NOT suitable for people in contact with infected people
  • It can be used by the civilian population for precautionary purpose, on condition that the provisions on social distancing and other anti-contagion precautionary rules are respected
  • 100% Made in Italy product
  • Composition: 86% polyamide fiber, 14% elastane

Washing Instructions

Machine wash at 60 ° – Do not iron – Do not dry clean – Do not bleach – Do not tumble dry. The mask can be washed unlimited times until the fabric becomes worn however the bacteriostatic treatment only lasts for 5 – 6 washes.​
For health security reasons, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in the case of purchases of products that come into contact of human mucous membranes such as this one.

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