Hygiene Keyboards


The disinfectable hygiene and medical keyboard AK-C8100 is a high quality, reliable PC keyboard. Due to its ability to be cleaned and disinfected, it is particularly suitable for use in hospitals and medical practices, as well as in office and administrative applications and in industrial environments. The silicone membrane protects the keypad against the ingress of dirt and liquids.


  • Hygiene keyboard for clinical wipe disinfection
  • Suitable for cleaning with
  • 10,000ppm Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Standard PC key layout with 104/105 keys
  • All-round protection against dirt and splash water
  • Flat buttons for safe routine disinfection
  • Closed key membrane made of silicone
  • Gap-free and completely wipeable surface
  • Light keystrokes for perfect writing
  • Protection class IP68 and radio transmission as an option
  • Available in compact size (95 keys) for use on trolleys or when space is limited

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