Falls Prevention

Falls are the most commonly reported incident within the HSE and HSE-funded services with 28,714 falls being reported in 2016, including 11,876 in acute hospitals and 15,890 in residential units. Falls have an impact on the service user, on the health and social care professional, and on the service provider. As Ireland’s population ages, the burden of falls and related injuries could double over the next 25 years, increasing the pressure on our already strained health service.

Falls can be predicted and prevented! Every fall is an opportunity to prevent another!

Cordless Monitors & Pads

CordLess Fall Prevention Monitors are designed for use with our CordLess Weight-Sensing Bed / Chair Pads & Floor Mats.  Sensor pads or mats are placed under an at-risk individual and when they rise to get up, a wireless alert is sent to the fall prevention monitor to notify caregivers that assistance is required. CordLess fall prevention monitors allow you to place the alarm outside of the patient’s room and thus eliminate in-room alarm noise.

433 – EC

  • Flexible wireless monitor that receives alert signal from up to 6 different components.
  • Use as a hallway light and additional safety feature when using with 433-CMU.
  • Nurse call capability – enables use with existing hard-wired nurse call system.



  • Economy central monitor unit. Resident monitoring from one central location for up tp 40 different components.
  • Alarms audibly and visually.
  • Portable pagers receive signal.
  • Compatible with all Smart cordless components.

Chordless Bedpads


  • GBT-RI – CordLess Bed Sensor Pad 10″ x 30″ 
  • GBT-WI – CordLess Bed Sensor Pad 20″ x 30″ 

Chordless Floor Mats

  • Great for bedsides and doorways – heavy-duty, industrial-weight floor mat with beveled edges and non-slip grip
  • FMM-05C – CordLess Floor Mat 24″ x 36″ (grey)
Non Skid Socks
  • Available in Single or Double Grip Tread.
  • Many sizes available for adults, toddler and infant

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